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Rathmondhi kids
WildStar: Free-To-Play Announcement Trailer
WildStar is going free-to-play this Fall! Get ready for a le...
WAR   I will give this another go!!
WARIts a mouth full but I am interested!!
The Repopulation - Alpha 4 Trailer
The Repopulation is a Sci-Fi Sandbox MMORPG with a Sci-Fi th...
josewales   Old skool MMO sandbox here I come.
STAR WARS: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire -...
Find out more: http://StarWarsTheOldRepublic.com/fallen-empi...
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josewales   Once again EA ignores its pvp community....I be surprised if one token map is given. SWTOR needs to open up the world for pvp missions and integrate the game for the change. Sideshow pvp is so yesterday.
Punktastic   On a side not though the team that makes these cinematics does an awesome job wish they would make a series out of them id buy them
PayneNice update!

"This expansion also raises the Level cap to 65, and includes the option to create a Level 60 character! This allows you to start fresh in Knights of the Fallen Empire and jump right into the new story content. We are also delivering this story content in a way never before done in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Chapters. The first nine Chapters will be available at launch on October 27th, with new Chapters delivered regularly following that."
Star Wars: The Old Republic Knights of the Fallen Empire
Watch the global reveal of the full Knights of the Fallen Empire trailer on IGN.com between 2 - 3PM PDT // 9 - 10PM GMT Step into an epic story-driven adventure as your character b...
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Wildstar Review

Syryn a posted Jun 30, 14
While there are not many of the Kajidic community playing Wildstar I have to say that I am enjoying the game quite a bit.  I just recently hit 50 through a combination of PVP and PVE on my Medic.  Finding good groups to PVP with has been fairly easy on the server.  Most are friendly and willing to do what needs to be done to get the win.

PVE is also a little more fun than some other games and doesn't necessarily feel like a grind.  There are challenges that pop up while you are in a questing area for mobs that you will also need for the quest you might be on so it helps to keep the grind feeling away when you are completing more than one thing and getting rewards.

While the graphics are similar to WOW there is definitely a different feel to this game.  I can't compare it directly to anything else as it seems to have taken some of the best stuff from many different MMOs and tweaked it to be better.

You have your standard Raids of large numbers which can be done in regular mode as well as different levels depending on how quick you complete the raid, number of deaths and other factors, which increases the rewards offered to the raid group.

There are dungeons which operate much the same way and are 5 many groups.  You will often see chat about silver and gold runs, which are harder as there are other objectives you need to complete to obtain these levels.

Adventures are mini dungeons which can be done in Veteran mode once you are at max level.  They are fun and challenging as they are different from dungeons and don't tend to take that long to complete.

While leveling you are able to obtain your PVP gear for max level, at least I was able to get both my support and attack set of gear prior to reaching 50.  This is doing practice battlegrounds in preparation for rated ones once you hit 50.  

Wildstar offers a bit of everything for everyone.  Including those who like to craft, explore and build things.

If you haven't picked it up yet I would definitely recommend giving this one a try.  I don't want to say it's what we have been waiting for, but I can say that it is darn close and likely the closest we will ever get.

Fall/Winter for Kajidic

Syryn a posted Aug 14, 13
It has been a quiet summer around the Kajidic Playground.  Which isn't bad...just means our members are busy in the real world.  It actually makes me happy that we aren't all glued to our computers and can enjoy life outside of games.

Moving into Fall and Winter we tend to be more homebodies and you will see a spike in our members and playing games.  That said we are following a few games in development that are showing early potential.  Not to say that they will be great, but that they are showing the beginnings of the elements that attract our members to games.

We still have active elements in SWTOR and a few in GW2.  While we aren't as strong of a presence as we are when games launch, we are still around and some of us can even be back in games when we have some spare time.

Please use this site to talk about any new/old games that have drawn your attention to see if there are others playing them that you were unaware of...it happens often.

Welcome to Kajidic!

Syryn a posted Apr 22, 12
Thank you for visiting Kajidic.  Please stop by the forums for a read or post in our Drive-By's.  If you are looking to be part of our community as a representative from your Guild/Group please submit an application indicating your intentions.

Kajidic is a community of mature gamers. We cater to those that are18+ years old and have a need for PvP. Kajidic does support all play styles. This means if you enjoy PVE or RP you are welcome. Please be aware however, if you are a player that solely does PVE this may not be the home for you.

PvP is our passion and our business. We are focused and dedicated to this aspect of any game we play. It is of critical importance to our memberships enjoyment of the games we choose.

Kajidic values all of our members, our council is there to listen and assist as they can. There are all types of roles to play within our community! We believe in family and believe that it is important to have balance between gaming and the real world.

While we are dedicated to what we play all members understand that real life comes before anything else. Gaming is a passion that all share and we play as much or as little as we can. While this sounds casual it is not! Our members when playing are HARDCORE!! They are serious about their games, which leads to dedication and loyalty!

Here is what you can expect from Kajidic:
• Event Organization
• Community Website and Forum
• VOIP server that can hold a lot of people (300+)
• The ability to either step up and lead or be a lemming (your choice)
• Recognition of skill and dedication

For more information about the History or Values of Kajidic see our About Us Pages

PLEASE NOTE:  You will need to set your own notifications.  This can be done under your account settings!  This will prevent email spam. 

Thank you - Syryn